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What is the Practitioner Registry?

Statewide registries across the country work to increase the number of high-quality early care and education programs by helping to develop and track a knowledgeable and skilled early childhood workforce. They are based on an individual's verified professional achievements. Registries provide important data about the workforce to help raise the status of early care and education as a viable and unique profession in our society, and advocate for better compensation for the field.

We invite you to login to the SC Endeavors Registry to recognize your experience, education, and training in the field of early care and education through your work with young children and families.

I am a Professional

The early childhood workforce is made up of people just like you—people actively engaged in working with and on behalf of young children. The SC Endeavors Registry is designed to support early childhood professionals in licensed and state regulated early childhood settings across South Carolina including family-based and center childcare, preschool, Head Start, and Pre-K.

Access Registry Services

You can access the SC Endeavors Registry services with an individual account. Accounts are free and available to anyone who lives in South Carolina and works with or on behalf of young children ages birth to eight years of age. There are two types of individual access with the SC Endeavors Registry: Account and Professional Profile.

The account allows you to register and receive DSS credit hours for registered and certified trainings and access a learning record of your annual training to share with your DSS Licensing Specialists.

The professional profile allows you to expand on an account to receive support services, participate in the ABC Quality system, or become an approved trainer. Users can access additional Registry features such the full Learning Record, Career Ladder placement, verified career qualifications, and credential application.

DSS Learning Record

All SC Endeavors Registry account holders have access to the Learning Record/DSS Official Transcript. Simply log in to your Registry account, scroll to the bottom of your account front page, and find the link to your learning record. This report shows the approved training you’ve completed. Licensing required training is clearly shown at the top of the report so DSS Licensing Specialists can quickly verify compliance. Your DSS Licensing Specialist has access to view and verify your report via the DSS Licensing Specialists Portal. Please note that the Registry does not provide paper copies of the DSS Learning Record.

I am an Organization

Organization profiles can be thought of as business accounts. Unlike an individual account, an organization profile allows multiple people to access and manage the account information. Creating an organization profile is simple and free. An organization profile is required to submit organization training courses for approval and to participate in ABC Quality, the state quality rating system. Individuals who are sole proprietor businesses (family childcare) or who are independent trainers will need to create an organization profile for their business in addition to their individual account if they wish to utilize online registration for their training events or receive an ABC Quality rating.

DSS Regulated Programs

If your business is a licensed childcare program in South Carolina, your organization profile is associated with your DSS license number. From your organization profile, you can access a special report called the Facility Staff Report, which lets you see and print learning records for your employees to simplify re-licensing.

NOTE: Each staff person must select your program on the Employment tab of their individual account and the contact person for your organization must verify employment for that staff to appear on the report.

You will be unable to open the staff person’s training record from the Facility Staff Report if their individual membership account is expired. Adding or updating an employer is easy for individual staff to do. For all DSS licensed programs, an organization profile is required for participation in ABC Quality. Family and Group license holders will need both an individual member account and an organization profile. Organization profiles do not expire. However, it is important to keep the account information current and to update the profile manager whenever there is a change of staff at your program. The profile manager receives requests to verify employment and can change the information in your organization profile, so you will want to be sure that person has the authority to do so.

Training Organizations

An organization profile is required if your organization wishes to provide registered/certified training to the early childhood workforce. Individual trainers will need to create an organization profile to utilize online registration with their training events. An organization profile allows training sponsors to submit registered and certified training courses for approval, schedule training events, and manage attendance to award DSS credit hours. When setting up an organization profile, check the “Training Sponsor Organization” checkbox that is part of the organization profile setup. You will be required to agree to the SC Endeavors Registry terms and conditions for approved training sponsors. Approval is not automatic. Registry staff will verify the information you’ve provided and contact you if more discussion is needed regarding the responsibilities of being an approved sponsor of training for the early childhood workforce.

If you wish to be approved as a training sponsor after your organization account has already been activated, email to facilitate this change. Registry staff will contact you with further information.


Responsibilities of Training Sponsors

Organizations that sponsor training are responsible for the development and management of the courses they provide. The SC Endeavors Registry approves and tracks training; however, it is the responsibility of the training organization to create their courses, submit their courses for approval, meet the approval criteria, manage registration and fee payment/reimbursement, take and reconcile attendance, and award DSS credit hours to attendees. Training sponsors must also agree to utilize trainers who have current professional expertise in the topics being delivered. For Certified training, organizations must use only Certified Trainers or Certified Content Specialists. Please note that all issues and questions related to a training event will be referred to the training sponsor.

For online training companies utilizing the registry system, please note that only International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) accredited vendors will be able to create public events to display on the statewide training calendar. While we can document online training events from organizations that are not IACET accredited, the events will not be displayed on the statewide training calendar.

Communication with Training Sponsors

All communication between the Registry and training sponsors related to training approval and delivery is via email. Emails are sent by the Registry to the individual listed as the owner/primary contact in the organization account. It is up to the organization to ensure that the person who receives the emails is the person who will be managing the training or to set up an internal process to relay information from the Registry to the person. If there is a change in the contact person for the organization, it is essential to immediately update the contact information in the organization account.